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Replacement Glass

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  • Tempered Safety Glass

  • Laminated Glass

  • Insulated Double Pane Glass (3/8" to 1"

  • Plate Glass

  • Textured Glass

  • Low-E Glass

  • And much more !

Double Pane Insulated

Fogged or broken insulated Glass? Look no further. Morris & Son's Glass specializes in home window repair and insulated window glass replacement. No construction mess. No need to paint. No need to varnish. No need to replace frames or sashes, just the glass.

 Single Pane Glazing

 Storm Windows & Doors

 Patio and French Door Glass

 Tempered Glass

For applications requiring added strength, Tempered Glass is used. Tempered Glass is made by a special heat treatment and quenching process that increases its strength up to four or five times that of annealed glass. If subjected to stresses beyond its capacity, Tempered Glass simply disintegrates into innumerable small pieces, significantly reducing the risk of serious injury. Tempered glass is used anywhere glass is more prone to human contact such as doors, windows close to the floor, stair landings and tub/shower enclosures 

Custom Table tops


Glass table tops are available to add beauty and help protect the finest of wood surfaces from scratches and wear.

Quality and satisfaction is our #1 goal. Whatever the job, whatever the design, we're ready to turn your decorating dreams into reality.

 Office Furniture

Conference tables

Glass Shelving

Glass shelves are less obtrusive than wood or metal shelves and allow the use of creative lighting to create special effects for your display items.

 Showcases & Cabinets